E’Twaun Moore 20 Points Full Highlights (5/6/2018)

Big shout out to E’Twaun Moore for being the Pelican’s third-best scorer in this series. That stat may sound surprising, but when taking an honest look at the Cousins-less Pelicans roster, it’s not even that weird. Moore is (as you should know if you’ve been watching my vids of him) surprisingly good this year. The only guy who should definitely be scoring more is Mirotic. Rondo obviously isn’t going to score, and after that, hoo boy. I guess if they gave Jordan Crawford minutes he’d probably score 20 a game, but we all know that he’s definitely unplayable and should never be seeing the court except during the time of garbage.

I’m being sarcastic there. The Pelicans should try him out next game and see if he can microwave them to a victory.

That sweep of the Blazers is looking even weirder as time goes on. Give it a few more weeks and I’m going to start believing that it didn’t happen at all. When you start to see horribly edited conspiracy vids with ominous music from me arguing that that series is actually still going on, don’t get too worried.

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