Derrick Favors 21 Points Full Highlights (1/1/2019)

Derrick Favors’ reign as “best Derrick person” in the NBA has come to a sad end this year. He’s still good, actually he’s better than ever if you look at advanced stats, but Derrick Rose has captured everyone’s hearts with his inspired play and 50-point game tears. I thought I saw some tears leaking out of Favors’ eyes after he scored these 21 points, but if they were there at all, they’re not making anyone feel any emotions.

Favors has been experimenting with increased three-point shooting, presumably as an attempt to make his starting-lineup partnership with Rudy Gobert work out, but he’s still mainly an interior player. This means that, while he gets to start, he doesn’t get to play as much as he used to, or as much as (I think) he deserves.

He’s been with Utah for a long time now. Almost his entire career, 9 seasons worth, except for his 56-game stint with the Nets after getting drafted. And I’m thinking, here’s what I’m thinking, do you want to hear it? Because here it is: he should get traded to a team that doesn’t have one of the best centers in the league on it so he can play 30 minutes per game again and score tons of points. That’s what I think.

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