Seth Curry 18 Points Full Highlights (1/1/2019)

The commentators in this game brought up an interesting factoid (one could even call it a “fun fact”): in 149 (now 150) career games, Seth Curry has not dunked it even one time. He’s only 6’2″ and he’s never had a reputation for being a supreme athletic specimen, but still. He’s an NBA player and he’s not old as dirt, so he’s definitely capable of throwing down a weak dunk basically any time he wants.

His brother Stephen has definitely dunked it in game multiple times, so I don’t see why Seth can’t. When was the last time he even dunked? In practice as a joke while getting goaded by his teammates? In college? Any Dukies out there remember if he dunked? Did he maybe dunk in high school? A lot of non-dunking NBA players dunked more often in high school because they were playing teams whose “rim protection” consisted of a 6’4″ dude with no hops. I bet Seth was totally dunking in high school.

Doing all this speculation just makes me sad and frustrated that I can’t dunk and never will be able to dunk no matter which deities I pray to or which animals I ritualistically sacrifice. Meanwhile Seth can probably definitely dunk and he doesn’t even take advantage of that fact. I hate him.

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