Matthew Dellavedova 17 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (1/9/2019)

Matthew “Wacky Delly” Dellavedova continues to play well in a Cavs uniform after just completely being garbage in a Bucks uniform. Recently, the Bucks have been making everybody look good. They even made D.J. Wilson look good after he had been given up for dead by a sizable portion of the Bucks fanbase (not me though, I always believed). Why didn’t Delly benefit in the same way? Was he so far out of the rotation that he had no choice but to stink whenever he got on the court? Or is there something about Australians where they don’t react to stimuli like normal humans would?

It’s in the past now. Delly’s Bucks tenure will be forgotten in the grand scheme of things, but people will always remember how he played such hard defense on Curry that he had to go to the hospital. And they might even remember that he made a triumphant return to Cleveland and immediately formed the tight bonds of chemistry with every member of the roster including assistant coaches and the guys who catch your warmups when you stand at the scorer’s table and rip them off you. Delly’s always throwing pinpoint clothing passes to those guys.

What history is unlikely to remember is how Delly jumped right into Frank Jackson’s jaw, basically killing him (I swear he was definitely dead for a second there), and then it turned out to be a foul on Jackson. History will forget but I will remember.

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