Josh Okogie 17 Points Full Highlights (1/12/2019)

Josh Okogie, despite tying a career high with seventeen points (note for future viewers: Okogie is a rookie in this season, so “career high” doesn’t mean much), actually didn’t have a great game shooting the ball. He was fine from inside the arc, but a dreadful 1-of-8 from three.

A lot of players have had bad three-point shooting nights this season (who remembers Lopez going 0-of-12, because I do and don’t want to); I just checked, and there are 57 occurrences this season of a player taking eight or more threes and making one or fewer of them. The thing is, all of the players I’m looking at on this list are good-to-decent three-point shooters who just had an off night, while Okogie is a bad three-point shooter who under no circumstances has earned the right to take that many attempts.

Actually, I’m looking at this list again, and there are some players on the list who fit Okogie’s mold: Treveon Graham and Stanley Johnson. They could start a club together to discuss being a wing player with no three-point shot in the modern NBA. Then they could invite Kobe Bryant to give a guest lecture on remorseless brick-laying.

Since I’ve spent this entire description ragging on Okogie, I will say one good thing about him: he did make a valiant attempt to kill Anthony Davis with his elbow. The attempt was unsuccessful, though, as Davis got up after thirty seconds of writhing on the ground. Honestly, Davis is picking up so many of these niggling injuries that one day their combined stress on his body will be too much, and he’ll just die on the spot.

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