Montrezl Harrell 21 Points/6 Assists/4 Blocks Full Highlights (1/12/2019)

Is there a player in the NBA that plays with more FURY than Montrezl “Monsterezl” Harrell? The fact that I’m framing the question that way means that no, there isn’t. The Clippers commentators called it passion. I’m not sure it’s passion, but more like he’s just pissed off all the time and plays like it. Does he ever look happy on the court? Again, no. That’s not one of his emotions. Satisfied, maybe.

Everything he did against the Pistons was filled with fury. While Andre Drummond loafed around looking uninterested, Harrell exerted himself to his fullest extent to try and win the game. It didn’t work, because Blake Griffin had a monster revenge game against the franchise that lied to his face, but it was still an inspiring performance by Monsterezl. By the end of it (and during most of it), he looked like he wanted to kill the refs.

Okay, I’m not really feeling the “Monsterezl” nickname. Too corny. Too much like a real nickname that a real brand manager with a real NBA team would come up with and then unsuccessfully push on social media.

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