Kyle Korver 19 Points Full Highlights (1/16/2019)

I’m temporarily suspending my rule of “no more highlights when the next day’s games have started” because A.) there are still a bunch of vids to do and B.) The game that’s currently in progress is being played in London, and I still don’t understand how time zones work. Seriously, if anyone can explain to me that crazy-ass voodoo time-traveling magic without linking me to that unreadably boring Wikipedia article, that would be great.

First up, Kyle Korver. He’s good now. He was also good before, but he’s kicking it up a notch these last few games. Two straight 19-point outings, he hasn’t had a mini stretch this good since March. I think Jazz fans are really happy with how he’s playing, especially since they’re winning now.

But I won’t let them forget about the time he stopped shooting threes with the Jazz so he could set the single-season percentage record. I know I bring this up every third Korver video I make, but that’s because people still are not aware of his statpadding. Yes, it still counts as statpadding. It was just statpadding in the opposite direction. Maurice Harkless did the same thing in order to meet some contract incentive, and I’m not going to let people forget about that either. It’s not as egregious as Russell Westbrook sacrificing everything for a rebound, but it’s maybe worse, in an insidious sort of way.

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