Danny Green 24 Points/8 Threes Full Highlights (1/19/2018)

In the first year of Danny Green’s “real” NBA career, the 2011-12 season, the season-high for made threes by any player was 9. I’ll let you guess the three players who did that that season. I would’ve gotten one of them, one of the others I tried to repress the memory of because it happened against the Bucks, and the last one, hoo boy. Who knew?

Okay, time’s up. The correct answers are: Ben Gordon (9 of 9, you should remember this), Jason Richardson (against the Bucks), and… Nicolas Batum. Some other players hit 8, like Anthony Morrow, Randy Foye, and Steve Novak. Stephen Curry was in the league at this point, but it wasn’t until next year that he’d start distorting all the three-point milestones, eventually making it so that a player hitting 8 threes in a game, like Danny Green just did, is hardly a notable occurrence.

Luckily for Green, his performance included 7 threes in a single quarter, so it’s still really sick and definitely worth paying attention to. A great performance by one of the OG (not Anunoby) three-point bombers. I will never forget the year that there was a case for him to be Finals MVP.

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