Alex Len 19 Points Full Highlights (1/28/2019)

There are some teams in the league who just don’t have a point guard (or a system, in some cases) that allows bigmen to get free dunks whenever they want. The Hawks are not one of those teams. If you’re tall, have arms, and can catch a ball, you are allotted at a minimum one (1) dunk per game. That’s the minimum though. If you’re talented, you can have up to 10. Trae Young has tons of faults (like his hair, OOOHH DISSSSSSS), but one thing he can do is get in there and set up his bigs. Jeremy Lin can do the same. Even DeAndre’ Bembry (did I put the apostrophe in the right spot? just kidding I know I did) can do some driving and some dishing.

Just for comparison’s sake, I don’t think Brook Lopez has a single dunk off a drive and dish for the Bucks this year. And it’s not like he’s WORSE than Alex Len, who has about a million such dunks.

What I’m saying is, Len should be thankful he’s on a team that can maximize his talents and not on a team that can’t (like his last one). Sure, he’s not getting to taste the sweet nectar of victory very often, but that will come with time. And not very much time either, because I heard rumors from a very reputable source that Anthony Davis will soon be a Hawk. John Collins will be heading to NOLA, and I hear that Davis is very interested in a “twin towers” deal with Len. Again, a very reputable source told me this. His name is Japurri Purrker and he’s very soft, very pettable, and has inside contacts on 26 of 30 NBA teams.

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