Bojan Bogdanovic 21 Points Full Highlights (1/31/2019)

You know how I just said an hour ago that Myles Turner needs to step it up with Victor Oladipo out after they found his kneecap lodged up by his spleen? Same goes for Bojan Bogdanovic. You gotta step it up, Bojan. YGSIU. Your sixteen points per game are nice, but they could be twenty points per game if you just took a few more shots. Who do you think is gonna take all that shots that Oladipo isn’t taking? Turner can’t shoulder the whole load by himself. Sabonis shouldn’t be encouraged to damage his pristine shooting percentages by increasing his volume. Edmond Sumner…no. Just no.

The thing is, with Bogdanovic, his percentages are way up, but the “advanced” shooting metrics like true shooting haven’t gone up much since last season. That’s because three-pointers make up a smaller percentage of his shot selection (45% of his shots were threes last season, as oppoed to 38% this season). All he needs to do is start turning down two-pointers for three-pointers and, as long as he continues to shoot his insance percentage from three, he’ll be a 20 PPG scorer no problem.

To aid him in adopting this new shot-selection policy, I will henceforth be camped outside of his house and intercepting all the packages of Rogaine and other other hair-loss remedies that he orders from Amazon. Basically, I’ll just steal all the Amazon packages I see on his porch, and if they contain something other than baldness cures, I’ll tape them back up and put them back on the porch. Bogdanovic will be so desperate to end this Rogaine embargo that he’ll acquiesce to my demands with little resistance.

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