Darren Collison 16 Points/10 Assists Full Highlights (1/31/2019)

So we’ve already determined that both Myles Turner and Bojan Bogdanovic need to step up their games in the absence of Victor Oladipo (RIP). But let’s not forget about Darren Collison, who also needs to start contributing more in the “points” section of the box-score if the Pacers want to have any hope of retaining their high playoff seed.

In his Sacramento days, Collison was a fringe top-ten point guard in the league. That’s just my opinion, but, as is the case with all my opinions, it’s a correct opinion. For some reason, when Collison returned to Indiana, he took a serious backseat in the scoring department. The backseat he was in was so far back that it might as well have been the trunk. Now we’re looking at a Collison who’s hovering around the 10 PPG mark when he could be doing a lot more.

16/10 is a good start. If he could just average, like, 14/7 the rest of the way like we all know he is capable of doing, the Pacers could weather this storm. But when does things like post a 3/2 line in 24 minutes, as he did against the Wizards last game, you wonder what’s going on with him. Is he just too busy thinking about how he domestically abused his girlfriend to play the game of basketball?

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