Reggie Jackson 29 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (2/2/2019)

This video tells, in part, the sad story of how the Pistons choked away a 20+ point lead in the span of just one quarter. At the 2:00 minute mark of the vid, Reggie Jackson hits a three to put his team up by 23. The next time he appears, the very next clip, almost exactly a quarter later the Pistons are all of a sudden down by 4.

I wasn’t watching this game, so I don’t know exactly what went wrong besides the Pistons letting Lou Williams bootyblast them. And the thing with baddish teams (like Detroit), is they don’t have much of an ability to regain momentum once it’s been lost. They implode easier than better teams. You just know Andre Drummond was out there loafing around, looking sad, as the Clippers scored point after point. Even if he was on the bench he was likely looking supremely mopey.

We can maybe blame Reggie Jackson for being a part of this loss because he didn’t score 40. If he had scored 40, I bet they would’ve won, which makes him culpable since he did not. That reminds me, I need to reupload that vid I made of him scoring 40 a couple years ago. That one was sick, way sicker than this one. DawkIns does have a video for that game, but if I catch you watching even one of his videos, it’ll be time for the paddle.

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