Mitchell Robinson 15 Points/3 Blocks Full Highlights (2/9/2019)

Can someone explain to me what the heck is going in with the “block” at 0:19 of this video? It was definitely recorded as a block in the play-by-play, so Mitchell Robinson adds another to his total, but to me it looks like either not a block or a ridiculously blatant goaltend. In any case, no block should’ve been awarded, but it was, further confirming my suspicions that Adam Silver is attempting to inflate counting stats in the NBA to make his tenure as commish look better.

I mean, Robinson doesn’t even need his block stats inflated. He gets enough legit ones that giving him a messed-up one hardly makes a difference. If you wanted him to get more blocks, you could probably just ask him to try a little harder and not worry as much about fouling (not like he worries much about that anyway) and he could block a few more per game.

Oh yeah, aside from all that, he got a new career high. 15 points, and guess what? He’s expanding his game! Not only can he dunk the ball, but he can also make layups now! This is a crucial first step in expanding his range. He’s gone from 0 to 1 foot away from the basket on his makes, and it’s only a few feet more before he’s splashing three-pointers like Brook Lopez.

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