Noah Vonleh 16 Points Full Highlights (2/28/2019)

I am continually surprised by how low Noah Vonleh’s scoring output is. My designation for him in my mind has been replaced with “decent role player” from “bust”, and with that designation change comes a certain expectation of scoring. He did manage to get a 22-point game this season, by far a career-high, but other than that, 16 points is the most he’s ever scored. Which means that this video is showing you the highlights of the second-best game of someone’s career. Normally that would mean a pretty good video, and I guess this one isn’t as bad as it could be.

Vonleh went 7-for-7 from the field in this game, and I’m just going to lie to you straight up and say that’s the most field goals someone has made without a miss in a single game since Wilt Chamberlain went 8-for-8 back in 1963 (and there’s no footage of the performance so don’t even bother looking). So now this performance has been elevated from “meh” to “holy balls I need to watch it”.

I’m surprised that DawkIns didn’t jump on this one. We’re witnessing history here.

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