Cristiano Felicio 15 Points Full Highlights (3/20/2019)

Just a friendly reminder for people who maybe forgot: Cristiano “Onions Have Layers” Felicio is getting paid 8 million dollars this season, just like he will be for the two seasons after that. Normally such a bad contract would get lots of press due to its overwhelming badness, but since Felicio barely gets to play, and is on a small market team, he doesn’t get noticed much.

And for some reason, I don’t get the sense that Brazilians like him very much. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe they love him, but I’m feeling about 500 times more love for Bruno Caboclo right now despite them being about the same quality of player. They had the same amount of points in their respective games tonight, people. Maybe in order to trick Brazilians into watching this one I should’ve merged it with the Caboclo highlights I did to make a “Ultimate Brazilian Mixtape” of sorts. Except without Nene, and without Raul Neto. And really without Vitor Faverani, who I still believe in.

As if you need a reason to watch this vid. It stands well on its own, as it represents one of the highest scoring outputs of Felicio’s career. This is the kind of game that got him paid so much money, and if he could do this all the time, maybe he’d end up kinda being worth his contract. He could be a double-double machine if you played him 48 minutes every game and told him to not foul and also to not die from the overexertion. And no, that was not a veiled reference to Fab Melo. I would never stoop that low, come on.

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