Shaquille Harrison 18 Points Full Highlights (3/20/2019)

Shaquille “Cookies” Harrison can do two things on the basketball court: steal the ball, and jet up the court for a layup with the ball he just stole. If you’re feeling nitpicky, you might say that that only counts as one thing. And maybe you’re right. But it doesn’t feel very nice to say that he can only do one thing on the basketball court.

I swear I remember him being able to hit threes when he was with the Suns last year, but my mind must have tricked me (probably because I saw him hit, like, one triple) because he was even worse from downtown then as he is now. And it’s not like he’s good now, though he did hit one in this game. I would hesitate to say that the short corner is “his spot”, though. Stacey King would know best, I guess, but can a guy shooting 26 percent from outside be allowed to have a “spot”.

With the untimely passing of both Harrison twins, Andrew and Aaron, Shaquille is now the best Harrison in the whole league, as long as we’re not counting Harrison Barnes, which we aren’t, because we’re talking about last names here. He can add that accolade to his current status of being the best Shaq in the league as of right now, and second best of all time.

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