Jevon Carter Career High 32 Points/8 Threes Full Highlights (4/10/2019)

Damn. I officially retract everything mean or negative I ever said about Jevon “Mr. 27% From the Field” Carter. Actually, I don’t retract it, but I definitely advise you to ignore it for the time being because it doesn’t apply anymore. Carter, who was likely one of the worst-efficiency players of the three-point era before this game, just went off on the Warriors to the tune of 32 points. He’s the one guy who I would have deemed least likely to enter the Hall of the Thirty Point Scorers, but he made it, and he’s currently walking that eternal, cloud-sheathed marble-walled hall wondering where the heck he is. Soon Carlos Delfino will approach him and explain the nature of the Hall. Meanwhile, we’re here on earth collectively clutching our heads and trying to comprehend what the heck actually just happened.

My narrative going into this description was that Jevon Carter did this to impress Steph Curry who was sitting on the bench watching with awe, but that narrative falls apart because Curry didn’t play in this game and probably wasn’t even with the team. So the whole “notice me Senpai” thing that I thought Carter had going on was not going on.

I’m still at a loss for words. To reiterate, Jevon Carter was 100% the guy who I would have never expected to do this. He couldn’t shoot the whole season. The Grizzlies kept playing him and he kept not making shots. In some sense, this is the most outrageous, incredible, and unexpected scoring performance of the season. Think how excited you would be if Curry scored 100 in a game. That would be equivalent to what Carter just did.

If I wake up tomorrow and Jevon Carter dropping a thirty-burger turns out to be a dream, I’m gonna delete my channel disavow the NBA forever.

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