John Jenkins 16 Points Full Highlights (4/10/2019)

I have always believed in John Jenkins. My belief in him might not have been rational, it might not have been earned, but it was always there. I don’t know what he did to make me such a believer, but it must have been something, because I’ve always been waiting for him to stick on a team and finally make the impact I know he can.

It’s not a good sign that he couldn’t even manage a single 20-burger for the Knicks. If you can’t score 20 for the worst team in the league, is there a team where you can? He’s already 28 years old. Time is running out for him to find a team where he can blossom to his fullest potential like a flower after a sudden spring shower. The Knicks are not that team, I guess. They’re too discombobulated (or as Clyde would say, “discombobberlated”) to have sort of coherent strategy, and a coherent strategy is what Jenkins needs.

He’d be good on the Bucks, I bet. Assuming that his jumpshooting is not just a mirage and he can hit shots on a consistent basis, the Bucks could use him. Yeah. And you know what else I bet? I bet we don’t even have to trade Thon Maker to get him. We could probably just sign him as a free agent. But since I’m feeling generous, I offer a direct Maker for Jenkins swap with the Knicks. Nope, no problem at all. Yes, you’re very welcome.

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