Montrezl Harrell 25 Points Full Highlights (4/15/2019)

Montrezl “Monsterezl” “Mississzugz” Harrell lived up to the “Monster” part of his nickname by scoring fifteen of his twenty-five points in the fourth quarter, helping propel a surprise come-from-behind victory that left every fan in Oracle Arena wishing they had bandwagoned onto an actually good team like the Bucks rather than the pansy collection of chokers known as the Warriors. Not only did Harrell drop his monstersauce all over the Warriors, but he did it in such an intimidating and energetic way that they could do no more than just stand their and take it while Harrell’s monstersauce splashed all over them.

Maybe this is the turning point. Maybe this is when the casual fan, who only watches ESPN games during the regular season before paying slightly more attention in the playoffs, will realize that Monsterezl is an untameable, uncageable beast. I’ve known that fact for at least two years, and the more astute fan has been aware of Monsterezl’s beastitude for at least most of this season, but now it’s time for casuals to be able to say “Montrezl Harrell on the Clippers is the best bench big in the NBA and he’s ready for a bigger role”. Watching him outwork and outplay the Warriors in this one game, even if it doesn’t result in a series win, will be the impetus for this.

And if Harrell’s efforts do contribute to the Warriors getting bounced out of the first round, Steve Ballmer had better load him up with as many free Office 2019 licenses as he wants. Not to mention free cloud-based virtual machines on Azure until he dies.

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