Pascal Siakam 30 Points Full Highlights (4/19/2019)

I have come to the conclusion that it won’t even matter that Kawhi Leonard is for sure bolting to the Clippers in the offseason (to join LeBron who will be forcing a trade to the Clippers – you heard it here first). Kawhi’s a nice player, in fact he’s really nice, but the baggage and uncles and “load management” he brings with him are a detriment to the team. Meanwhile, Pascal Siakam can mostly give you Kawhi’s production, and he can mostly give you Kawhi’s defense, and he can give it to you without needing to have his load managed by an entire team of load managers managing his load. And if he has uncles, they don’t meddle in his affairs very much if at all.

Am I really going out there and saying that Siakam is the future for the Dinosaur Team? Yes. This is what I have decided. The future is not Kawhi. It’s not even Lowry. It’s definitely not Gasol or Ibaka. The future is Siakam. You can watch this video and be a first-hand witness to him obliterating Evan Fournier, but it’s not just the highlights in this video which have caused me to make this pronouncement. It’s the highlights that I’ve been making for him the entire year where he regularly looks like a total beast. Sometimes he’s a raw beast, but who doesn’t want a little bit of rawness in their budding star? Rawness evokes images of raw meat, and raw meat definitely seems like something that NBA players should aspire to be like since it’s so primal and bloody and awesome.

One thing I know for sure is that Clippers-Raptors games next season are going to be must-watch TV. If you don’t want to see next year’s 20 PPG version of Siakam making bitchmeat out of the traitor Kawhi (and, by proxy, his posse of uncles), then there’s something seriously wrong with you. The day they release the schedule for next season, I’m circling those dates on my calendar with a big red marker and then writing across the entire calendar “ON THIS DAY SIAKAM IS GOING TO MAKE KAWHI INTO HIS BITCHSLAVE FOREVER”.

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