Pascal Siakam 19 Points Full Highlights (6/7/2019)

I’m upset with Pascal Siakam right now because he’s forcing me to occupy my own time (which is a precious commodity that I cannot acquire more of) making marginal-quality highlight videos for him. When he’s scoring in the mid-twenties and above, I don’t mind the task, because the end result is a compelling highlight video that I can take pride in. This video which you are viewing quality is not compelling and I don’t take pride in it. It just exists because it has to. And that’s totally Siakam’s fault.

The other annoying thing is that Siakam only had 13 points up until there were three minutes left in the game. The Raptors could have stopped scoring entirely at that point and still won the game by five points, so I don’t see why Siakam felt the need to drop in two more buckets and a pair of free throws. That’s like Westbrick levels of statpaddage, but it’s even more insidious because you bet your bottom dollar that Siakam knows who I am. He knows that I’m going to waste my life making highlight videos for him as long as he gets over some arbitrary points threshhold (in his case, eighteen points). His callousness and disregard for my well-being is not cool at all.

In short, I am totally not going to be making Siakam highlight videos next season. He can average 20 PPG per game in Kawhi’s absence and it won’t bother me because his highlight videos will no longer be my responsibility.

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