Cameron Johnson 15 Points Full Highlights (11/10/2019)

I haven’t seen much, but I’ve seen enough of Cameron “Tall Devin Booker” Johnson to tell that I want him on the Bucks. Instead of offering Thon Maker like I always do, I’d like to extend an offer of a different sort to the Suns’ front office: pick any two players you want not named Giannis Antetokounmpo or Ersan Ilyasova and you can have them as long as we get Johnson and Frank Kaminsky. Kaminsky needs to be back in Wisconsin anyway, and Johnson needs to be in Wisconsin because he’s gonna be a big part of the Bucks winning the championship this year.

Then, when we win the championship with Johnson being a featured part of the offense, you can have him back for the low, low price of a 2027 second round pick. We’ll keep Kaminsky. Does this not sound like the best deal ever? Yeah, you miss out on a season of Johnson, but when he comes back he’s have CHAMPIONSHIP EXPERIENCE. That’s something that the Suns roster is really lacking right now, but he’ll be able to tell you all about how a top-tier team conducts itself. Devin Booker is transforming from a chucker who just loses games to a chucker who sometimes wins games, but the transformation to “absolute franchise cornerstone studmuffin” could be completed much faster with a mentor like Johnson. Just something to think about.

While you think about that, I’ll think about Johnson and his stroke. Man, this guy’s stroke is smooth. How have I not noticed how smooth it is before? I’m legitimately freaking out a bit right now. I need to cool off by watching Giannis shoot free throws or something, otherwise there’s gonna be a stroke of a different sort going on.

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