Jabari Parker 27 Points/4 Blocks Full Highlights (11/10/2019)

It has become clear after watching some Hawks games that Hawks commentator Dominique Wilkins cannot get enough of Jabari Parker. “They gotta get the ball to Parker” “Parker can really score the ball” “They just cannot stop Jabari Parker” “Run the offense through Jabari”. If he were the coach, he’d run every play through Parker, tell him to shoot it every time he got the ball, and bench players for not passing it to him.

This isn’t new to Dominique; he gets sentimentally attached to players who he thinks can get buckets. Last season, he was fawning over John Collins. The same things he’s saying about Parker were said last year about Collins. I guess when your favorite player gets suspended by the league for sticking roid needles into his rear, you have to pick a new one.

And is he wrong? No, because Parker is killing it right now. Dominique is right when he says that no one can stop him; even the beefiest players get pushed out of the way by Parker’s own beefage on his way to yet another dunk. The Hawks are seriously lacking scoring threats besides Trae Young, and Parker is stepping up to score in all the ways he can.

Which is all ways. I’m so happy that he can exhibit his well-rounded scoring game on a team that appreciates him and doesn’t care that his defense is kinda iffy.

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