Alex Len 21 Points Full Highlights (11/14/2019)

A lot of people (including me) have been hyping up Aron Baynes pretty hard this season. And for good reason, because he’s been playing exceedingly well. But tonight, the script flipped. Alex Len just took the script and flipped it all over the place, and while it was lying there on the ground, thoroughly flipped, he took his middle finger and flipped it off. That’s what Len did with the script. Decisively. Because instead of getting dominated by Baynes, as would be expected considering their respective seasons, Len was the one dominating Baynes.

He dominated him so bad that I’m frantically refreshing the websites of several major news outlets looking for signs that Australia has declared war on Ukraine in retaliation. I haven’t seen anything yet, not even on Ukraine- or Australia-focused news sites. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened, or that they aren’t considering it. I’m sure they’re considering it. Australia can’t just let its national pride be tarnished by Ukraine in such a manner without some sort of military strike in response.

Do either of those countries have nukes? That’s what I’m worried about here. Ukraine probably has a few in some old Soviet-era missile silos, but who knows if they still work or if they ever worked at all. But Australia? You can’t make nukes out of either beef or subjugated indigenous people, and those are their two main economic sectors. At least, if either of them have nukes, hopefully they have the sense not to use them and instead just do old fashioned firebombing.

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