Darius Garland 16 Points Full Highlights (11/27/2019)

OFFICIAL DTB DISCLAIMER: Darius Garland had eight turnovers in this game to go with his single assist. That’s, to put it nicely, not a good stat.

There are a bunch of players who have gotten eight turnovers in a game this season, and even a few who got nine. But none of them did it with as few assists as Garland. Joel Embiid had an 8 TO/2 AST game, but, when you think about it mathematically, that’s twice as good as Garland. But then you go down the list and see Dewayne Dedmon with the 7 TO/0 AST game and you feel a little better.

Still, scoring just sixteen points while committing eight turnovers almost guarantees that you were a negative for your team unless you were playing ungodly levels of defense. That’s why there’s a disclaimer on this video. Because Garland’s impact on the game was likely to be much, much worse than what you would assume given the impressive level of scoring displayed here.

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