Gary Clark 12 Points Full Highlights (11/27/2019)

I will never, ever, for as long as I live, forget how Rockets fans were obsessed with this guy being some sort of “missing piece” that was going to “contribute” to their “championship-contending” squad. Here are some actual quotes from actual Rockets fans going into last season:

“Mastermind Morey at it again. Can’t believe this guy went undrafted.”

“Clark’s gonna give us some good minutes this season. Morey playing 4D chess out here.”

“Gary Clark is the missing piece that is going to contribute to our championship-contending squad.”

“Clark will be averaging thirteen PPG per game and getting free wide-open looks from Harden all day.”

“Every GM in the league is gonna be crying when they see Gary Clark on the all-rookie team LOL”

“I have sexual thoughts about Darryl Morey.”

You will note that none of the things mentioned in the real Rockets fans’ quotes above ever came to fruition. Clark played in fifty games his rookie season, but only scored in double digits twice. His role on the team was minimal bordering on trivial. This season is no different. Clark had played a total of ten minutes in four games before randomly getting thirty minutes in this one. Remember, this is the guy that Rockets fans would not shut up about. Any discussion of rookies last season was interrupted by Rockets fans trying to throw Gary Clark into the mix like he was gonna be some kind of mega-stud.

Yeah. I’m never letting this one go. Ever.

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