Frank Kaminsky 20 Points Full Highlights (12/5/2019)

I am having WAY too much fun watching the Cowboys lose to the Bears to even think about writing some cruddy paragraphs about Frank Kaminsky. I don’t even like football, but the sports fan in me desires nothing more than for the Cowboys to lose. I think an innate dislike of that team is found in every sports fan outside Texas. All those Cowboys bandwagoners? Genetic defects. And that’s putting it nicely.

But now the game is over, the Cowboys have lost, all is right with the world, and I can get to work telling all the good people of the internet about how much of a beast Kaminsky is. I wouldn’t even need to type that many words about it. Something simple like this would suffice:

Frank Kaminsky is a beast.

But that’s not the type of content you came here for. You came here for insightful, hard-hitting, incisive, well-thought-out commentary. But here’s the problem, here’s the whole issue: I used up all my hard-hitting commentary on the Kaminsky video I had to do yesterday. And it takes a little bit for the well to fill back up again, so to speak. Give me another day and I’ll come back and fix this description to be a little more informative.

How did a total bum like Mitch Trubisky dominate the Cowboys so hard anyway? This has to be the game that gets Jason Garrett fired.

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