Monte Morris 15 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (12/5/2019)

I am making this video as insurance against the possibility that Monte Morris never has another highlight-worthy performance this season. The highlight-worthiness of this performance is very arguable, I agree, but I can’t let a whole year go by without a single Morris vid on my channel. I have to take my chance, and this is it.

Morris was one of the most underrated players in the league last year. Normally when people say players are underrated, they mean “This guy who’s really good should be getting superstar-like attention for no reason” or “I’m a total homer and think all the players on my team are angels sent down from heaven by God”. But Morris really was underrated, in the sense that I don’t think anyone besides Nuggets fans noticed him AT ALL. He simply flew under the radar entirely for the whole season, despite averaging a bit over 10 per game for one of the better teams in the West.

He’s not doing that anymore. He’s regressed hard in terms of percentages, and his minutes are way down. What was one of the better success stories, going from barely in the league to ultra-reliable backup PG, is looking like a one-year fluke. I hope that’s not the case, because I’ve been hyped for this dude since day one (his assist-to-turnover ratio makes me feel… alive).

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