Steven Adams 22 Points/4 Blocks Full Highlights (12/6/2019)

Addendum to the title, which had to be removed in the first place because of YouTube’s tyrannical character limits: “/1 95-Foot Game-Tying Assist”.

All the other stuff he did was cool, and would be totally worthy of a highlight video by itself, but that assist, that was one of the plays of the year in my opinion. He just grabbed that ball off the made free throw (I don’t blame Towns for accidentally making it; he’s spent his whole life trying as hard as he can to make free throws, telling him to just NOT make it isn’t going to work at all) and lofted it effortlessly into the hands of Dennis Schroder who put in the layup as time expired to send in into overtime. This would be the point where I would make a joke about if the local NFL franchise needed a quarterback, but Oklahoma doesn’t have an NFL team. Never have, never will.

Adams would probably make a better rugby player than an American football player, anyway. That’s what they play in New Zealand, right? Rugby? I think they do, and I’d bet he’d be way more famous in his home country if he went with that instead. Do they even realize that one of their own is playing in the NBA or are they too busy looking at all the cute sheeps that wander all over the entire country?

Sheeps are cute.

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