Mitchell Robinson 18 Points/6 Dunks Full Highlights (12/20/2019)

The similarities between this performance by Mitchell Robinson and the performance of Duncan Robinson in the same game are… similar. Both players had 18 points. Both players had 6 of their main type of bucket (dunks for Mitchell, threes for Duncan). Both players are named Robinson.

If you combined the two, you’d end up with a heck of a player. But since player modification on that level is, if not expressly forbidden by the NBA, at least strongly discouraged, and since the technology to fuse two human beings isn’t quite there yet (what do we pay these scientists for, anyway?), we’re not going to be getting a Duncell Robinson any time soon.

I was sort of hoping that Mitchell would do NOTHING but dunk, in the same way that Duncan did NOTHING but shoot threes, but he ended up too tightly defended by Kelly Olynyk on one possession and had to settle for a somewhat awkward-looking hook shot. That hook ruined his perfect dunking night, but it also ended up making his point total high enough for me to for sure make a video for him.

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