Mitchell Robinson Career High 22 Points/0 Missed Field Goals Full Highlights (1/1/2020)

Mitchell Robinson went a perfect 11-of-11 tonight, which, according to my calculations, is the best shooting performance, considering percentage and volume, of the decade.

Note: as of the time of this writing, the current decade is approximately .02 percent complete, so it is likely that by the end of it, Robinson will not have the best shooting performance.

That should not diminish the immensity of what he accomplished, though. This was a great game, the most field goals made without a miss this season (eat poo Dwight Howard, eat the poo-poo). He tied his career high in points while only playing 27 minutes (probably about the most amount of minutes he can play without fouling out). The cameras didn’t catch it, but I heard from multiple sources in the arena that Hassan Whiteside was crying on account of how bad he and the Blazers got dominated by Robinson. CJ McCollum was crying too. And Damian Lillard was on the phone with his agent demanding to be traded. This is what getting blown out by the Knicks does to teams.

Remember: multiple sources.

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