Duncan Robinson 24 Points Full Highlights (2/28/2020)

Somebody needs to come up with a nickname for Duncan Robinson that somehow ties in to his elite (I said it) three-point shooting. I’m tired right now and, as you might be aware, I’ve spent the better part of the past seven years coming up with creative nicknames for players, so my efforts at the present moment won’t be enough.

I’ve already exhausted the easy options. First, I tried to replace all the “E”s in Duncan Robinson’s name with the number “3” (to indicate his three-point proficiency). Unfortunately, Duncan Robinson’s name contains no E’s.

Then I tried to insert the words “three”, “triple”, “trey”, and “splash” into Robinson’s name. Duncan Robinsthree? Treycan Robinson? Dunctriple Robinson? Duncan Splashinson? The last one is the best, but, frankly, all of those suck. It just didn’t work out at all. Even when I combined all the source words into one Franken-nickname: Treytriple Splashthree. See how dumb that sounds? You can’t even tell what player I’m talking about.

Now I’m flush out of nickname ideas, but I feel like this has to happen. Duncan Robinson deserves this more than anybody. Somebody help DTB out here.

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