Chris Chiozza 14 Points Full Highlights (3/4/2020)

This is the kind of video that probably should’ve been first on my priority list for this slate of games. All these other vids I made, people know all about those players. There is no shortage of highlightage for any of those dudes except for maybe Semi Ojeleye. And the point of this channel, the point of this venture (and adventure) called “DownToBuck”, above all, is to give some spotlight to the players who never get it. Players like Chris Chiozza.

Rockets fans caught a glimpse of Chiozza last year, enough that viewers of my “first bucket scored by every player who scored a bucket at all” series of vids would get to see him hit a shot. And ‘Zards fans got a slightly longer glimpse of him as he actually played significant minutes in the season opener (the one game where all ‘Zards fans were tuned in). And now Nets fans are getting the longest glimpse of him yet: 20 minutes last game, 24 minutes this game, it’s frickin’ Chiozzanity up in here.

Fans of any other team, and fans of the NBA in general, have almost certainly seen NOTHING from this guy. He has existed on the tasseliest fringes of the NBA, playing on 10-days and two-ways and Exhibit 10’s (what even is that someone please tell me). There has been no reason to ever take note of him. Until now.

Turns out, he’s basically Kyrie Irving without all the conspiracy stuff. Check out the handles at 0:30 of this vid and tell me that that’s not a better series of crossovers than Irving had ever pulled off in his entire career. John Konchar got cooked so many times that he’s looking burnt.

I am so hyped right now. I’m trying not to let it show too much, but this is what I live for.

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