Roy Hibbert First Career Triple-Double 10 Points/11 Blocks/11 Rebounds Full Highlights (11/21/2012)

Roy Hibbert has not started out the year well, shooting sub-40% and generally not playing up to his contract. What better way to reverse that trend than to get a flippin’ TRIPLE-DOUBLE???? Hibbs turned Robin Lopez into his personal block provider last night, eradicating eight of the popcorn-haired center’s shots alone. Jason Smith was also treated to some vicious shot-denying action. Yeah, 3-of-12 from the floor kind of sucks and is typical of Hibbert’s shooting performances this year, but a TRIPLE-DOUBLE. Only good players get triple-doubles (unless they’re Ben Uzoh). And only great players get triple-doubles the hard way (blocks instead of assists). So we’re all hoping the 7’2” Pokemon fan can bounce back and take the Pacers to the promised land. Or at least the playoffs.

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