Andre Iguodala 23 Points Full Highlights (11/25/2012)

Andre Iguodala thought he had escaped the clutches of mediocrity when he when from Philadelphia to Denver. The Nuggets were supposed to be an up-and-coming young team built around the core of Lawson, Gallo and Faried. Surprise, the Nuggets suck too! Somewhere in New Jersey, David Stern is rubbing his hands together and laughing. “Andre Iguodala will never be a superstar in this league…I will make sure of that! First the Sixers, now the Nuggets…next up, the Blazers, where his career will ‘tragically’ end in a shower of gory knee fragments! I am the puppeteer and Andre is a mere marionette! Dance, my darling! DANCE!!!!!!!”

Man, Stern has it in for this guy. But 23 points, yeah, that’s cool. Throw some three-pointers in there and Andre had himself a good game. He dunks it a few times also. The thin Denver air allows him to jump higher.

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