Kemba Walker 22 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (12/3/12)

High volume chuckers who are good on the college level don’t normally translate very well to the NBA. Kemba Walker is no exception, shooting an absolutely abysmal 36.6 percent from the field last year. But his percentages, like the Bobcats, are better this year (correlation does not imply causation, except when it does). He’s now shooting almost 40 percent! Wow! Almost as good as Brandon Jennings! (that’s not a good thing). Against the Fail Blazers he starts off well, making some nice shots, passing it well also, but then totally disappears into the night as the Bobcats blow a huge lead. Compare the emotions of the commentators on the penultimate clip to their emotions on the last one. It’s pretty heartbreaking.

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