Jordan Crawford 26 Points Full Highlights (12/11/2012)

Jordan Crawford is one of the worst types of players you can have on your team: the guy whose points-per-game output is equivalent to their field-goal-attempts-per-game output. Taking into account three-pointers and free throws, you usually have to shoot below 40% to achieve this unwanted accolade.

In this horrid, unwatchable 77-70 win for the Wiz, we are treated to Crawford taking 24 shots and making nine of them. It’s like the second coming of Allen Iverson but without any of the crossovers, marketability or practice rants. But in this distilled highlight package that I lovingly prepared for you folks, it appears that Crawford had a “good” game. That’s the power of YouTube, and I promise to wield that power wisely.

Next up: my “Jan Vesely 2 Rebounds Full Highlights” video will make you think that Vesely is Kevin Garnett 2.0.

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