Dorell Wright 25 Points/7 Threes Full Highlights (12/18/2012)

There was a time when Dorell Wright was the NBA’s premier three-point shooter. Not in terms of percentages, but just in terms of amount of threes taken. Then, somebody decided to put him in the three-point contest, where Dorell performed horribly. I’m pretty sure that ruined his career right there. He hasn’t been the same since then. Every time he goes up for a three, that hated scoreboard flashes before his eyes: “Dorell Wright – 11 points – total choker”. You can see it happen at the beginning of this video where he doesn’t even hit rim. Yeah, he scored 25 points and hit seven long bombs, but every one that goes in just twists his soul a little bit more; what he wouldn’t give to trade that in-game three for a three in the contest…

Somebody put this man back in the three-point contest so he can have a chance to exorcise the demons that torment him so. I plead of you. Look at those eyes. They’re dead.

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