Nate Robinson 27 Points Full Highlights (12/25/2012)

Nate Robinson is proof positive that normal-sized people can succeed in the NBA. You only need to have freakishly large muscles, superhuman athleticism and a pure jumper. However, being a normal-sized person in the NBA has its disadvantages; everybody considers you extremely short even though you’re taller than them; you will only ever dunk in fast-break situations; you’re one of the few people that point guards can successfully post up; and you have to chuck up a lot of shots to compensate for your manlet status.

My man N-Rob overcame his genetic inferiority and scored 27 points last night, all in the second half. However, the Bulls were down by twenty points or more for that entire time period, so his success should be taken with a grain of salt. Oh, who am I kidding, a 5’10” guy putting up that many points in such a short time period? Nate Robinson is a confirmed beast.

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