Brandon Jennings 25 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (12/26/2012)

Two weeks ago, in the Buck’s contest versus the Brooklyn Nets, Brandon Jennings scored 26 points and notched seven assists. Last night, Jennings scored 25 and had six assists. Now, those are good numbers, but it doesn’t take a genius mathematician to see the disturbing trend in those numbers. Proposed video title a decade years from now: “Brandon Jennings 0 points 0 assists vs. Nets Full Highlights (12/14/2022)”.

But the positive thing to note is that, given the Bucks’ current 13-game winning streak over the Nets, they will probably achieve a 50-game-streak, even with Jennings’ consistently worsening numbers. Good news for Bucks fans, bad news for Jennings fantasy owners.

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