John Henson 20 Points/3 Dunks Full Highlights (1/2/2013)

John “Inspector Gadget” Henson hasn’t gotten to play much this season. This is a total mystery to me considering how he apparently enters “beast mode” the instant his sneaker touches the court. The only explanation is that he is somehow behaving badly off the court. Possible infractions he’s committed: artificially enhancing his leaping ability using the gadget springs; using his extensible gadget arms to slap coach Scott Skiles in the back of the head and make it look like it was Monta; using the “helicopter-in-head” trick to get uncontested dunks in practice; blowing up Skiles by accident with a bomb in a safe; or yelling “Go-Go-Gadget” from the bench whenever he feels like he should be put in the game.

Anyway, all those gadgets come in handy as long as the refs don’t notice you’re using them. You can see Tim Duncan getting visibly frustrated with Henson’s superhuman basketball abilities. I would be mad too if I got dunked on three times.

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