Alan Anderson Career High 27 Points (19 in 2nd) Full Highlights (1/6/2013)

NBA highlights are funny things. The ones with the most views are, obviously, the superstars. Stuff like LeBron getting triple-doubles or Kobe scoring ridiculous amounts of points. But why? Everyone knows they can do that stuff. It’s no surprise when Griffin throws it down again or Carmelo scores 40. The real surprise is when the unheralded player announces himself to the world, saying “I may be a scrub but I’m still better than 99.99% of the world at basketball”.

Alan Anderson is that scrub. He is, to put it more bluntly, a nobody. But tonight, against the Thunder, he WAS somebody. A somebody who came 2 points away from setting a Raptors record for points in a quarter. So here are some highlights. If you are looking for a more known player, feel free to not watch them, and kindly resume watching ESPN.

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