Mario Chalmers Career High 34 Points (10 Threes) Full Highlights (1/12/2013)

10 Threes. Holy Balls. That’s a lot, especially for a not great player like Mario Chalmers. Here’s a comprehensive list of people who have made that many: Kobe Bryant, Donyell Marshall, Dennis Scott, JR Smith, Ty Lawson, Ray Allen, Joe Dumars, George McCloud, Peja Stojakovic, and Brian Shaw. Aside from possibly Shaw, Chalmers is the scrubbiest.

I doubt I’m the only one who kind of wishes he had just gunned selfishly for the record. Imagine the headlines: “Chalmers Sets NBA Record With 13 Three-Pointers!”. Doesn’t that just look like the most messed up thing ever? I blame Spo.

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