Shawn Marion 20 Points Full Highlights (1/12/2012)

Is Shawn Marion the craftiest shooter in the league? That’s a stupid question. Of course he is. For a guy whose jumper is shot from in front of his face, he sure manages to score a lot of points.

~~~~flashback to middle school~~~~

“Coach! Travis keeps blocking my shots! Make him stop!”

“Now Shawn, if you don’t want your shots to get blocked, you gotta fix your form. You shoot like a little girl. Shoot it from above your head.”

“No way Coach, I can’t shoot it any other way. I’m gonna add a wide assortment of hooks shots and improve my ability to take contact in the paint. I’ll be able to get to the basket from anywhere on the floor, and if they dare me to shoot, my jumper will be unstoppable. Then we’ll see who needs his jumper fixed.”

~~~~back to present time and place~~~~

It still doesn’t explain how Marion managed to get two threes into the basket without having them blocked. Man, I never get tired of watching him do his little flick shot. Somebody get this guy in the three-point contest.

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