Ty Lawson 29 Points/6 Assists/1 Dunk Full Highlights (1/18/2013)

Pick a random NBA player who’s not Ty Lawson. Go ahead, just pick one. You’ve got one? Good. Okay, so has your chosen NBA player made 10 three-pointers in an officially-sanctioned NBA game? What’s that? He hasn’t? You suck at this. You should have picked Ty Lawson you dummy! (Apologies if you picked Mario Chalmers)

11101…that’s how many points Lawson scored last game. In binary. He scored 1D points in hexadecimal. Damn, this is trippy. He scored, get this, 35 points in octal. I don’t even know what octal is, or what “base eight” means, but it looks like a normal number to me. How could 35 be equal to 29? But in all these number systems, Lawson had exactly 1 dunk (2:30), so at least that makes sense. I gotta take a break here, my head hurts.

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