Manny Harris 19 Points Full Highlights (2/4/2014)

The Lakers are a trainwreck. No Kobe, Nash is on life support, Gasol is dead/traded, and even the role players are dropping like flies. I take no enjoyment in this sudden and drastic demise. None. Nope. No schadenfreude here.

Enter Manny Harris. This guy is not really any good. Well, actually, he’s really REALLY good in the grand scheme of things. But as an NBA player, no, not too exciting. I know that there is some Manny Harris hype, coming mainly from Lakers fans. But they’ll hype anything. They even hyped the crap out of Chris Kaman.

But Manny was a pretty decent scorer in the D-League (I think, I’m too lazy to check), just like every fringe NBA player. And since the Lakers are barely above that level of play, he should be able to fit right in, especially with all the newly-available minutes. But he’s only had one and maybe a half (now a solid two) good games. Is it enough to earn him a contract for the rest of the season, or is it back to the D-League for our hero?

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