Klay Thompson 22 Points Full Highlights (2/6/2014)

I like to watch the Warriors. I have this vision in my mind of a well-oiled offense machine that is always swinging the ball and splashing threes. I always get excited to watch them.

Then the game actually starts. The lack of an offensive system is apparent; Curry has to do too much and turns it over a bunch. Thompson takes any jumper available even if he’s not set at all.. Lee throws up some prayer in the post and then refuses to play defense while Bogut stares daggers at him. Iguodala bricks some free throws. Luckily for them, the sheer offensive talent of Curry is enough to win a fair share of games. But while a free-wheeling offense might endear itself to players, it doesn’t to fans.

The solution: Fire Mark Jackson!

Temporary solution: hope Klay Thompson finds his way out of that gigantic slump he’s in. The problems that the offensive has are somewhat covered up when he can just hit any jumper he wants.

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