Andre Drummond 16 Points/22 Rebounds Full Highlights (2/18/2014)

Andre Drummond is the only good player on the Pistons. There. I said it. Here’s some other players on the Pistons that you might think are good, listed with the shortcomings that cause them to not be good.

Josh Smith – Has no concept of a “good shot” and is played out of position so often that even if he did know what a good shot was, he would rarely get to take such a shot
Brandon Jennings – Still has a scorer’s mentality despite being inefficient and unable to take contact
Greg Monroe – No defense makes up for his considerable talent around the basket
Rodney Stuckey – He’s okay this year. Not good, but okay. Last name rhymes with “sucky”, but doesn’t suck enough this year for me to take advantage of that fact.
Jonas Jerebko – Swedish, but for some reason, does not carry with him at all times a bag of Swedish Fish to share with his teammates
Charlie Villanueva – Still has no hair and gets some sympathy minutes due to this
Peyton Siva – Looked so unbelievably bad in the few minutes that he received that he probably will never again appear in an NBA game

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