Diante Garrett Career High 15 Points/3 Threes Full Highlights (2/26/2014)

Of the players who currently have negative win-shares this season, here are the top five by minutes played:

1. Tony Wroten
2. Luke Ridnour
3. Phil Pressey
4. Diante Garrett
5. Elliot Williams

(John Lucas III is 9th)

I’m not saying anything about the accuracy of win-shares. For all I know, it’s a made-up stat used to make point guards look bad so that GM’s can pay them less. I don’t know. It just illustrates how awful the point guard situation is in Utah right now. Trey Burke has enough skills to hold down the fort, but if he gets injured, we can expect Utah to go on a twenty-game losing streak to close out the season.

Also, the list above illustrates what we all already knew, which is that Tony Wroten is terrible.

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