Miles Plumlee All 103 Dunks Full Highlights (2013-14 Season Dunkilation)

If you asked me before the season how many dunks Miles Plumlee would successfully execute I would have said maybe 20. He didn’t show anything with the Pacers last year, and didn’t really show anything at Duke either. No reason he should suddenly become good.

I forgot that the Suns didn’t really have a center once Alex Len died. The position opening up for him combined with his immense athletic gifts meant that he had a breakout year. His minutes may have tailed off by the end as the Suns made their doomed playoff push and tried out funky lineups involving a Morris or Frye at center, but we will never forget when he put up 18 and 15 in his first game with them.

And once you watch this video, you will never forget the ferocity with which he dunked basketballs. Alley-oops, putbacks, fast breaks, he jammed with anger every time. The only problem is that I only counted one dunk which he created for himself; a show-and-go against, ironically, Jonas Valanciunas. Hopefully next year a similar edition of these highlights would mainly include him shoving his ass into people à la Shaq and dunking it on their heads.

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